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Blondes might have more fun but the process to get the perfect platinum locks is not an easy task; especially for guests with darker or colored hair. Going platinum is an investment and commitment. Here, we share what to expect when going that icy blonde you’ve been dreaming of.

CONSULTATION – Most salons offer free consultations, take advantage! During the consult the most important thing to do is be honest! Share your hair’s past by divulging any and all color, bleach, treatments, or medication that can impact the results. We promise, we aren’t here to shoot down your dreams, but if you had a red-wine-and-box-dye night last year, we need to know about it so we can plan accordingly. Those kind of surprises can cost more than time and money, they can cost you the integrity of your hair.  Do your homework and bring in photos of your ultimate goal, this always helps the colorist understand your desired lightness and tone. A helpful hint is to bring in pictures of color you love, and pictures of colors you hate. There is a wide spectrum of color even in platinum hair, and the margin of your preference might be quite narrow. 

COMMITMENT – Patience is key! After you spill your hair guts to your colorist, they will put together a plan to get you to your ultimate goal as safely as possible. Going blonde required very regular salon visits. This isn’t about your stylist getting rich off your color choice, but rather about consistent results and the continued health of your hair. Expect to see your stylist every 3-5 weeks, outgrowth over 1/2 inch can lead to banding and uneven results, which can lead to breakage. If you have previously colored hair expect to make multiple salon visits to reach that perfect shade of pale blonde.  Know that your stylist wants you to have the color of your dreams, but it’s our job to set realistic objectives to accomplish your hair goals.

PROCESS – So after a thorough consultation and, if necessary, some strand tests, you’ve decided to go for it! A few different variables impact your processing time and cost. Hair length, density, and texture are major factors. The thicker and darker the hair, the longer and more applications (read: service costs) are needed.  On that first visit, you could be in the chair 4+ hours. Gwen Stefani wasn’t built in a lunch hour!  It’s a complicated mix of math, art, and chemistry to remove hair color gently, effectively, and still have it feel like… well, hair.

TREATMENTS – Lets face facts! Going light can be extremely damaging and puts hair in compromising situations. Any time we remove color from the hair (natural or artificial), some of the important proteins and lipids that make it soft, shiny, and comb-able come out with the pigment.  From start to finish the health of the hair is your stylist’s top priority. Bond multipliers like Olaplex and Redken pH Bonder are helping colorists push the boundaries of hair color while keeping the hair strong and healthy. While we do everything in salon to keep your hair in top shape, it is in-between salon visits that maintenance is vital. Take home treatments and masks help keep your hair hydrated and healthy. It’s a delicate balance in there, and it’s key to use only the products your stylist recommends, as the wrong-for-you product could have adverse effects. Framed Stylist and Co Owner Gwen Aatlo Muro recommends adding Redken CAT treatment to your routine to add strength along with Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Masque to flood the hair with moisture. Deep treatments & tone enhancers may be recommended by your stylist as often as once a week.

Still think your ready to be a blonde? While it’s important to remember that everyone’s process is unique, your stylist is there to make the journey safe, enjoyable, and worth your while. Honesty, trust in your hair professional, and doing your homework are all part of making your platinum dreams a reality. 


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